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Cars for Paul This Channel is all about me and my passion for Italian and German cars namely Fiats and Audi's. I have owned a number of Audi's including 3 TT's, a facelift A7, (I loved that car) a B9 A4 line Avant to name but a few and I currently own an A1 sport, and I have just finished rebuilding a facelift Audi S3. My other passion is Italian cars. My first car when I passed my test was an Alfasud 1.2Ti in green, and I went on to buy the 1.5 Cloverleaf soon after. I currently own a 2013 Abarth 500 which I adore. I am no millionaire, just a poor YouTuber who loves cars, so to get my cars I often by damaged cars from salvage yards and repair them on the channel to educate my audience on how easy it is to get the car of your dreams at a reduced cost and have fun on the way. I love reviewing cars and products, so if you love any of the above, then this is the channel for you so give us a like share and subscribe and join me on the journey which could end in me owning an R8 a guy can dream right?YouTube