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thepoultrypeople Hi Everyone and Welcome to my Youtube Channel! I love to spend my time woodworking, metal working, recycling and upcycling stuff into furniture, castings and just generally anything i find interesting and can maybe sell to fund me and Mr. Butters lifestyle. Part of the fun is then sharing it on youtube and the internet for other people to take inspiration from and give it a go themselves. Then tell me about it, your stories and projects are most interesting. Im a big animal lover, and they can feature on here fairly often helping out around the place.....or just fighting with each other and smashing the house up around me. Taking waste timber, driftwood, old doors, sheets of tin and making them into great items that are hopefully of some use is a great way of spending your time, developing hand eye skills and the use of tools gives you a great sense of achievement. I add videos on a weekly basis or as quick as i can turn them out! Thanks for dropping by, stay a while!YouTube